Ashghal's citizen projects offer boost for development
February 01 2020 11:29 PM
Ashghal's citizen projects offer boost for development
Ashghal's citizen projects offer boost for development

The Infrastructure Development Projects of Citizens’ Sub-Divisions by the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) is providing a further boost to the comprehensive development of different places in Qatar.

According to data available with Ashghal, the projects being implemented by the authority will provide more than 1,543km of roads and 410km of pedestrian and cycle paths. These are in addition to infrastructure development works such as sewage, surface and groundwater and treated sewage effluent (TSE) networks with a total length of 1,180km.

The figures were presented by Noor Ashkanani, from the Roads Projects Department at Ashghal, during a recent function in which new 10 contracts were signed.

The data show that the authority implemented infrastructure projects to serve more than 22,000 land plots distributed in 18 areas between 2014 and 2017. Of the developed plots, 20,637 are in existing areas while 1,829 are in new citizens' land plot areas.

During this phase, Ashghal completed 23 projects to develop infrastructure in various areas serving 15,108 citizens' land plots while seven projects were completed in Doha North, serving more than 7,000 citizens' plots. Ashghal also completed four projects in the vicinity of Doha while seven projects were implemented to serve more than 4,000 plots in Muaither West (Al Manaseer).

These are in addition to five projects in the west of Doha city and four projects to develop sewage networks serving around 3,000 plots, as well as 17 projects to develop roads and integrated infrastructure serving 10,000 plots and two land-grading projects serving almost 2,000 plots.

Ashghal’s plan is to implement infrastructure development projects to serve 32,855 land plots between 2018 and 2022. The projects cover over 14 areas and include 24,284 plots in existing areas and 8,571 in new citizens' plot areas.

In May 2018, four new contracts, totalling QR1.5bn, were signed to develop infrastructure on plots under the citizens' residential projects in Al Wukair South in Al Wakrah Municipality.

In October 2018, Ashghal signed five contracts worth QR2.7bn with Qatari companies for developing infrastructure facilities for 5,192 plots of land in different areas under the citizens’ residential scheme.

Then, in May 2019, seven new construction contracts with a total value of QR3.2bn were signed by Ashghal as part of the initiative to serve a total of 3,090 land plots.

With a total value of around QR4bn, 10 contracts were signed as part of the project last month. The proposed project will serve more than 8,400 plots across 10 areas in the north, south and west of the country. All the contracts were given to Qatari companies.

Upon completion, the projects will provide advanced infrastructure including 223km of roads, 325km of pedestrian and bicycle paths, more than 20,000 parking lots, about 192km of sewage networks, 305km of stormwater and groundwater drainage networks and 142km of TSE networks.

Ashghal president Dr Saad bin Ahmad al-Muhannadi had noted that Ashghal gives top priority to infrastructure projects based on directives from the government.

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