Qatar Care puts in 19,748 hours of voluntary work to fight Covid-19
October 03 2020 10:53 PM
Qatar Care staff with officials
Qatar Care staff with officials: Providing exemplary voluntary service

*Qatar Care joins MoPH efforts in the fight against Covid-19

Qatar Care company has put in 19,748 hours of voluntary work from March to September to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, as part of its co-operation with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), an achievement, unprecedented by any private company in Qatar.
This also indicates the close co-operation between private and public sectors in the health sector in Qatar and the constant coordination of efforts among them to fight such a global pandemic.

Saleh Salem al-Eida, executive director, Qatar Care

Saleh Salem al-Eida, executive director, Qatar Care said that since it started to engage in the fight against Covid-19, Qatar Care has conducted around 50,000 swab tests, including 3,000 swabs in a single day. These covered health quarantines, hotels, centres for quarantine testing, mobile testing areas , houses, housing complexes, workers’ accommodations, employee housings, the Industrial Area, playgrounds, mosques, commercial complexes, public places, and the health facilities.

Qatar Care staff at work at an outdoor facility

Qatar Care staff raising awareness against Covid-19

Qatar Care staff at wok against Covid-19

He pointed out that the company has carried out around 1,968 trips by private vehicles across the country for the same purpose, besides donating clothes for doctors and other medical necessities. He stressed that the best medical teams of the company have been directed to carry out the voluntary work.
Al-Eida considers the voluntary work of the company goes hand in hand with the policy of Qatar, considered a pioneer in this field around the world, and Qatar Vision 2030 under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. He emphasised that the company was ready to exert more efforts to assist the MoPH, which gives all the necessary support to private sector healthcare organisations out of its belief that collective work and integration between the public and private sectors would ultimately attain and maintain the best healthcare.
Qatar Care company has carried out various tasks since its first participation in voluntary works to fight Covid-19, such as taking samples and swabs for Covid-19 tests, transportation of samples, regulation and management of the assembly operations, communication and dealing with the public, management of the facilities, nursing services, receiving applications and requests, management of appointments, support and guidance of patients, and taking care of patients and accompanying them, in addition to the training and education efforts.
Qatar Care is the first and only company in the private sector that hurried to volunteer and the company has been taking part in such activities since March. It is also the first private healthcare company in Qatar as well as the first health institution in Qatar to win the Diamond Level of Accreditation granted by Accreditation Canada International and it is the second company in the world to win the accreditation.
Since it was first established in 2017, the company has been working in the healthcare field, providing services to more than 30,000 families so far. The company has seen many expansion in its field of work to include different activities such as nursing at clinics, hospitals, worksites, schools, universities, and during travel. Its work also covers physiotherapy, including post-operative rehabilitation, physiotherapy of the elderly people, physiotherapy for movement difficulties and the handicapped, and physiotherapy for sports injuries.
Qatar Care is the first company in Qatar and the second in the world to get the licensing for the continuous professional training for Filipinos outside the Philippines.

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