QVC Colombo to reopen soon
January 05 2021 10:37 PM

The Qatar Visa Center (QVC) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is to reopen soon, announced Captain Nasser Ali al-Khalaf, assistant director of the Department of Recruitment Support Services at the Ministry of Interior.

He was participating in the 'Police with You' programme on Qatar Radio on Monday, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.

The official explained that at a QVC, the worker will be able to read the contract, and accept or reject it to prevent any exploitation. The worker will also complete the procedures of biometric data and medical examinations in his country. This has reduced the cost and efforts for the worker in case he may not accept the contract, or not meet the recruitment standards, either for medical or security reasons.

Captain al-Khalaf confirmed that the employer needs to send a work visa to the applicant through Metrash 2, after paying recruitment fees and then the expatriate in turn books an appointment with the QVC, where he can sign the work contract if he accepts its terms.

He said that the types of visas that are issued by QVC are recruitment visas for companies and government or semi-government institutions, as well as family visits, tourism, or for participating in a conference, official government visits, and diplomatic visits, domestic servants and personal visas.

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