A perfect recreation spot in the heart of the city
May 14 2021 11:14 PM
Photos by: Thajudheen
Photos by: Thajudheen

The 5/6 Park in Doha's Onaiza area is one of the new recreation spots in the heart of the city.
The park is close to many tourist and commercial spots in the country, such as Al Dafna, Lusail and Katara.
There are shaded areas for families to relax, play areas for children with games for different ages, areas designated for celebrations, and spaces to display various forms of artwork, in addition to areas specified for fitness equipment.
There are 1.4km of pedestrian and jogging paths, and 1.1km of cycle path, in addition to bicycle parking slots.
Stone and sand paths have been set up for pedestrians inside the park, a first for public parks.
These help visitors enjoy a healthy barefoot walking experience on several types of natural floors.
A large plant maze is a distinctive feature of the 5/6 Park.
The maze, designed in the shape of Qatar’s map, is located in the heart of the park and should be the focus of attention of every visitor.
The maze’s entrances and exits are named after coastal cities of Qatar, and the final shape of the map appears clearly when viewed from the sky and nearby hotels.
The hill next to the maze is about 5m high and located in the centre of the park.
Being higher than its surroundings, the hill gives an overall 360° view of the park.
The park contains open green areas of nearly 122,000sq m, with lots of small shrubs and tree fences.
About 10% of the trees planted in the park are of Qatari origin.
*Ziziphus Spina Christi, *Acacia Tortilis, and *Acacia Arabica provide a cool shaded atmosphere.
These are evergreen trees with a height of more than 10m, grow very well in Qatar, and can withstand high temperature and drought.
The species were chosen in consideration of the nature of the Qatari environment and their minimal water requirement.
Other trees in the park are *Cassia Nodosa, *Delonix Regia, *Tabebuia Argentea, and *Cassia Gluca.
The beautiful shade trees with a height of 10m are also drought-resistant.
Other shade trees in 5/6 Park include the evergreen *Bucida Buceras, *Millingtonia, and *Ficus benghalensis, ranging in height between 6-10m, and are considered to be among the best shade trees in public parks.
*Ficus religiosa, another tree species in the park, reaches up to 30m.
The park features decorative trees planted alone or in groups, or as backgrounds behind young shrubs and flowers, such as *Cassia Javancia and *Bauhinia Purpurea.
It is worth noting that 65% of the total materials used for the park are Qatari products.
These include curbstone tiles, asphalt and lightings, in addition to planting materials of trees, grass, different plants and sweet soils, and locally-made rubber floors as a recycled rubber layer for the jogging tracks.
The 5/6 Park is a joint initiative of the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), Qatar Museums, Ashghal, and the Qatar Fine Arts Association.    

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